When Do You Need Legal Advice? A Complete Guide

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Attorneys provide formal and professional advice which helps you resolve different issues you may encounter. You may pay a specific fee for the legal advice, but the outcomes are worth it. Legal advice gives you an advantage over everyone else in a negotiation, case, discussion or a similar encounter. This piece discusses different scenarios where you should obtain legal advice.  Court hearings Legal advice is essential when facing a court hearing.

20 September 2022

Pet Laws: 4 Legal Issues to Consider as a Pet Owner

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For most Australian households, having a companion animal as part of the family can be highly rewarding. Whether cats, dogs or birds, pets offer companionship and unconditional love. However, while pet ownership brings joy to your home, it presents numerous responsibilities. Besides, you must adhere to various pet laws applicable to your jurisdiction and be ready to deal with specific legal concerns as a pet owner. This post expounds more on these aspects below.

22 July 2022

Why You Need a Conveyancer When Buying Property in a Retirement Village

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Moving into a retirement village can be quite exhilarating. In most cases, this excitement makes seniors forget about the legalities of leasing or buying property in a retirement village. In the long run, they feel short-changed after realising retirement village management companies have different terms compared to conventional developers. For this reason, seniors should consider the services of conveyancers as they move into retirement villages. Continue reading to understand the benefits of conveyancing services as you join a retirement community.

28 March 2022