Why You Need a Conveyancer When Buying Property in a Retirement Village

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Moving into a retirement village can be quite exhilarating. In most cases, this excitement makes seniors forget about the legalities of leasing or buying property in a retirement village. In the long run, they feel short-changed after realising retirement village management companies have different terms compared to conventional developers. For this reason, seniors should consider the services of conveyancers as they move into retirement villages. Continue reading to understand the benefits of conveyancing services as you join a retirement community. 

Property Pricing

A conveyancer's first job is to establish whether the property you intend to buy is priced within its market value. Ideally, the conveyancer examines the features and condition of your preferred property, its positioning within the retirement village, the location of the village and the demand for retirement homes to establish its value. The conveyancer will let you know if the property is overpriced. Besides, they will forecast the property's appreciation if you intend to flip it. 

Property Rights

Sometimes, you might not have the right to use the property as you wish. Your conveyancer will check the management's terms and conditions to determine how you can use the property. For instance, you could be prohibited from making improvements that change the property's original interior or exterior design. Moreover, you may or may not be entitled to the property's appreciation when moving out of the village. 

Terms and Conditions

The retirement village's terms and conditions determine how you relate to other residents and your conduct while inside the facility. Understanding these regulations helps prevent conflict with the management and fines. For instance, you might be required to pay a property maintenance fee. Moreover, management could restrict the keeping of pets or subleasing your property. Your conveyancer will also inform you about free services and those you have to pay for. For example, you could get free access to the golf course and tennis court. However, you might incur an extra charge if you need housekeeping services. 

Financing Options 

A challenge experienced by seniors is that they may not have an income to finance their mortgage. In this case, a conveyancer assesses your retirement savings, investments and financial situation to determine how best to finance the purchase. With insufficient funds, the conveyancer could recommend a reverse mortgage. It is an arrangement where the financer offers a loan and takes ownership of your home once you die. Alternatively, the conveyancer could help you sell your current home and secure a bridging loan as you buy a home inside the retirement village. Finally, the professional will contact the various lenders and negotiate the mortgage interest rates.  


28 March 2022

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