Legal Grounds for Disputing a Will's Contents

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When a loved one dies and leaves behind an estate, surviving loved ones expect a will to reflect their true wishes. However, expectations do not often come to fruition as far as wills go. In fact, disputed wills are pretty common since heirs to an estate have a right to contest the contents of wills. That said, you cannot just hire a lawyer and go to court to contest a loved one's will.

30 November 2021

Planning to Start the Divorce Process? Four Documents You Will Need

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Ending a marriage is not an easy decision. In fact, most couples separate before making the ultimate decision. However, the actual divorce process only starts when you file the divorce petition and deliver it to your spouse.  Furthermore, you need to file a financial affidavit that describes your property, income, and expenses. A divorce requires a bunch of paperwork, and there are numerous divorce documents you will encounter before the process is finalised.

14 September 2021

4 Questions To Ask Your Conveyancer

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When buying a home, a conveyancer will help you navigate the legal process of property transfer. Choosing a conveyancer can be a nerve-wracking affair. The extract below discusses a few questions to ask your conveyancer. Hopefully, it will help you choose an appropriate professional and increase your understanding of the conveyancing process.  1. Where Are You Based?  It is a critical concern when hiring a conveyancer over the internet. Ideally, the conveyancer should be based in your area.

22 June 2021

Common Instances You Might Require a Family Lawyer

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Family law is a branch of law that caters to all legal matters that affect families, marriages and children. Here are examples of instances where you might require a family lawyer: Before or After Getting Married When getting married, you might not think that you may end up in a divorce, maybe because you trust that you will work things out and everything will be okay. But most couples tend to understand that anything can happen.

11 February 2021

Top Signs You Need Assistance From a Qualified Family Lawyer

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If you are like most people, you rarely think you might need a family law expert. However, this is far from the truth. Family lawyers have helped many families resolve their conflicts and move on regardless of the complexity of the issues. This means that you might need to consult with a family law expert sooner or later. While nobody desires to be in this position, it's always better to get an expert to help.

11 December 2020

Serving Divorce Papers When You Never Want to See Your Former Partner Again

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Some divorces are perfectly friendly, but many are not. Your marriage might have had an ugly ending, and so making the decision to separate with an aim to divorce may have come as a relief. You might, quite literally, never want to see them again. There might be animosity, hurt feelings, and in some cases, you might worry for your safety if you were ever face-to-face with your soon-to-be ex-spouse again.

27 August 2020

Top Warning Signs of a Suspicious Conveyancing Transaction

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In the conveyancing world, millions of dollars worth of properties exchange ownership every other day. The heart of such transactions is the solicitor, whose role is to ensure both the buyer and the seller get a fair deal. However, fraud is nothing new in conveyancing, and, as such, conveyancing lawyers must undertake all due diligence to protect their clients. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge if you are a new conveyancer and are on the lookout for clients.

26 August 2019