Top Signs You Need Assistance From a Qualified Family Lawyer

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If you are like most people, you rarely think you might need a family law expert. However, this is far from the truth. Family lawyers have helped many families resolve their conflicts and move on regardless of the complexity of the issues. This means that you might need to consult with a family law expert sooner or later.

While nobody desires to be in this position, it's always better to get an expert to help. The lawyer will save you the stress, heartache, and even enable you to use your time constructively without incurring unnecessary expenditures. Here are various incidences when you should consider working with a lawyer.

1. You need a prenuptial agreement before marriage

One of the tasks a lawyer can handle is the preparation of a prenuptial agreement. This agreement is usually drafted before marriage, and it's meant to protect both spouses. The agreement comes in handy when there is a wealth imbalance between the spouses or one or both of you have other dependents from another marriage.

The family lawyer will offer the guidance throughout the process, and clarify any doubts you may have. They will also ensure you know the basic laws and regulations regarding prenuptial agreements. This way, both you and your spouse will be comfortable to bring pre-owned assets into the marriage because the assets are protected. Remember that the prenup will also stipulate how the assets will be divided if you choose to separate, divorce or when one of you passes on.

2. There is a child custody battle

Conflicts over child custody usually occur when people are getting divorced. Both parents feel that they deserve to live with the child to care and protect them after the separation, and this is where the battle starts. Sometimes child custody problems might be against the other family members or the state.

For instance, the government may choose to take your child away because they suspect negligence, child abuse, or inability to offer support. In-laws can also try to take your kid when your spouse dies. If you are facing either of these issues, then you should consider hiring a family a lawyer. The expert will come up with viable strategies and guide you until you acquire full custody.

3. You'd like to adopt a child

The child adoption process is complicated and strenuous. Besides, it takes numerous months to finalise, and things may not work because of some legal problems. A family lawyer can guide you to prove to the state and other relevant authorities that you are emotionally, financially, mentally and physically able to take care of a child after the adoption is approved in court.


11 December 2020

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