Can You Get Compensation for Food Poisoning?


Every now and again people suffer gastric problems when they eat something that doesn't agree with them. The symptoms involved are typically relatively mild and clear up by themselves, although occasionally, a case of food poisoning may elevate the suffering and even lead to some down time in bed. This type of experience can be debilitating, but in the worst-case can lead to long-term health problems as well as time off work and financial issues. If you suspect that you've caught a particularly bad case of food poisoning after eating a meal at a local restaurant, is there any action you can take in order to get compensation?

Understanding Scale of Suffering

In this situation, much will depend upon the scale of the contracted illness. If you have suffered significantly, with diarrhoea, vomiting and other symptoms that may have lasted for a week or more, then it is likely that you may have a case of salmonella poisoning. If this is linked to a restaurant in your case, then there may be grounds for compensation.

Knowing What You Should Do Now

If you haven't already done so, you should schedule a visit to your local doctor right away. This may be necessary anyway, so that you don't suffer additional consequences caused by dehydration and other factors. Once you have had your consultation with the doctor and been tested for salmonella, you will need to provide full details about what you ate and where you were when you believe that you contracted the illness.

Gathering Evidence

Your doctor will probably order stool samples or blood tests and when the results are received, the presence of salmonella can be confirmed. A positive test has to be reported to local government health authorities, who will then launch an investigation into the facility in question. If you were poisoned, it's quite likely that others also contracted this illness at the same time, and this will help the authorities to confirm that this particular facility was at fault.

Launching a Claim

These findings will definitely help you launch a case against the restaurant, seeking compensation. You will be able to claim funds based on not only your pain and suffering, but loss of income now and in the future as well as any medical expenses. Sometimes, these costs can add up to be significant, and it's only right that the business in question should be brought to account in this situation.

Getting on the Phone

While your first port of call should be the doctor's office, you should next get in touch with a personal injury lawyer who can help direct you and make sure that you get what you rightly deserve.


17 April 2018

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