Answering Some Basic Questions About Family Law

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Addressing family matters that require some type of legal intervention can be difficult, if not downright unpleasant. However, having an attorney working for you can alleviate a lot of the stress you might be feeling during this time, ensure your rights are protected, and ensure you know your responsibilities and obligations according to local laws. While only an attorney can advise you about your case in particular, note a few basic questions you might have about family law so you know when to speak to an attorney and what to expect during the process.

Do you always need to go to court?

If you're afraid of going to court and speaking in front of a judge or don't want to air the family's "dirty laundry" in public, keep in mind that many legal situations can be mediated without the court's intervention. The attorneys for each party can handle much of the negotiating, or they may have an actual mediator communicate between the parties, without going to court. There may be certain paperwork that is filed with the court, and a judge may request that the parties appear in court simply to ensure that they agree to what's in the paperwork, but don't assume that every legal family matter will automatically mean a court appearance.

If a divorce doesn't involve children, why call an attorney?

Ensuring that your rights and the rights of your children are protected is a good reason to hire an attorney for a divorce process, but this isn't the only reason you might want to hire one! Understanding your rights when it comes to property division, support, payment of debts and other such things are also reason to consult with an attorney during a divorce. As said, you may not need to go to court to get details of your divorce worked out, and hiring an attorney to negotiate this process can even help you to avoid court, as an attorney can advise you on the best way to handle aspects of the divorce proceedings so that courts don't need to intervene.

Are there time limits for family law matters?

Family law matters usually have time limits, just like any other legal matter. These time limits will vary from location to location, but never assume that you can neglect any matter relating to your children, a will, and so on, and revisit the matter when it's convenient. To ensure you act within the appropriate timeframe, consult with an attorney as soon as you have any legal questions or issues.


1 March 2018

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