Benefits of a Probate Lawyer Instead of a General Practitioner

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What should I do when a loved one dies without leaving a will? Many people often ask this question when someone close to them, who had some property, passes on. The first move by many people is to seek any lawyer and ask for their advice. However, while a general practitioner may suggest ways to deal with this situation, the best person to assist you is a probate lawyer. Below are several reasons why you should seek the services of a probate lawyer instead of a general practitioner.

They have more experience in dealing with property distribution

The main work of probate lawyers is to facilitate the distribution of property, whether in the presence or absence of a will. This is what they do on a daily basis, and they have mastered all the rules relating to the field. You are therefore more likely to have a positive outcome when dealing with probate lawyers than when working with general practitioners. A general practitioner is also qualified to handle such cases, but they lack the expertise and experience of dedicated probate lawyers.

The payment rates are negotiable

It is easier to negotiate the total amount paid for services offered when you are working with a probate lawyer. This is because you can pay them in three ways. The first is by agreeing on a fixed amount for the entire process. The second involves asking them to take a percentage of the assets received at the end of the case. The third is paying an hourly rate for their services. You can calculate the least amount payable using all three alternatives and then pick the most effective approach. Most general practitioners have an hourly rate regardless of the nature of the case. If the case drags on in court, you will incur a hefty bill.

Facilitates the appointment of a personal representative

A personal representative is appointed when a probate lawyer files a probate petition. The personal representative plays an essential role in regards to the distribution of the deceased's wealth. The court gives them the authority to handle the financial information of the deceased. They will, therefore, collect the invoices of all bills and ensure that all valid payments are made. In this way, all the parties who had given credit services to the deceased will be satisfied with the outcome.

You can ask your family lawyer for the best probate lawyers in your area since this will increase your chances of success.


20 December 2017

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