How to Seek Compensation If You're a Foreign Driver Injured in a Car Accident in Australia

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If you're unlucky enough to be involved in an automobile accident, you've got some trying times ahead. This type of experience can be traumatic enough when it happens in your native country, but it can be very much more complicated and challenging should it happen when you are overseas on holiday. If you sustained a serious injury during a car accident in Australia, but have had to return to your native land in the meantime, is there anything you can do to try to seek compensation from the party at fault?

Limited Time and Resources

Many people travel great distances to visit Australia in the relatively short amount of time that they have for their annual holidays. They don't really have the option of extending their stay so that they can look into the matter once they've been injured. So long as they are in a fit state to travel, they'll need to get ready for that long and somewhat uncomfortable flight back to their home town.

Typically, this will not give them enough time to pursue a claim against the other party, and many people think that this places them at a significant disadvantage. However, Australian law allows foreign visitors to go ahead with a claim in most situations, regardless of where they may be located physically when they lodge it.

Why You Need to Pursue

If your injury was serious, it's likely that you will need ongoing medical attention when you get home and you may even be prevented from working for some considerable time. As you were not at fault, you certainly should pursue damages through the driver and their insurance company, and although it may be more complicated to tackle things this way, you should certainly proceed with full force.

How to Proceed

It's best if you engage an Australian attorney who will be able to put the wheels in motion and can even set up a trial (should it be needed) in your home country. This would minimise the inconvenience to you and save a lot of travel costs, to say nothing about helping you avoid long-distance flights as you recuperate.

Most top-class Australian attorneys have good working relationships with lawyers in your country and will be able to coordinate the entire matter from both sides of the ocean.

No Reason to Delay

There have been many successful cases where injured foreign visitors receive adequate compensation, despite the fact that they are no longer within Australian shores. Make sure that you talk a car accident injury lawyer for more information.


15 November 2017

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